Web Hosting

Web hosting or domain hosting is critical to your online success!

Your pages should load quickly for your clients, and your email services should be efficient and reliable.

If you are a New Zealand company or individual looking to create a web presence, first on your shopping list is a relevant domain name. Tizard Design can assist you in this selection process. The correct domain name (and extension) should match what you do.

Hosting (or storing) your domain and website 

This domain name will need "hosting", which simply means that your service provider (in this case, Tizard Design or Kiwi www) creates a space on a full-time web server for your domain name. We have our own hosting arm, and offer complete packages to both our clients and other developers. Our hosting is branded as Kiwi www. We host shared solutions, and stand-alone solutions, whatever you need. Our New Zealand based hosting is prepared especially for Joomla! websites, and we know how to get the best performance out of our servers. 

Email (your name@yourdomain)

We initially create email addresses for that domain name and provides access to an email host. You should have the option of checking your email via both a web browser AND your own email client ( Outlook, Eudora etc.).

Storing your website

A hosting package also includes appropriate server space and functionality for a website, which can be developed either by the owner or by the hosts themselves. The owner of the hosting space should have access to the space via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or via a custom control panel in advanced hosting packages (CPanel etc.).

It is up to the owner as to what extent services are utilised for the domain name. A typical cost scenario would be:

Domain name purchase : $25.00 (Annual renewal)
Domain name hosting: $150.00 (Annual renewal)

These costs include initial setup of email addresses.

Moving from one host to another

Occasionally, your current web host may not work out for your. If this is the case, we'd be glad to help you "move apartments"!

If you would like your own domain name, need some hosting, or want to move hosts, please feel free to contact us today!