Web Development

CMS (Content Management System) websites - we use Joomla!

The days are nearly gone where web developers maintain websites on behalf of their customers. The web developer develops, and the customer maintains. Modern websites feature administration areas only accessible to site owners which enable the owner to maintain and upgrade the website in real time.

These Content Management Systems are relatively simple to use, and allow content flexibility necessary in a fast paced economy. We provide these web "portals" for our clients on a regular basis, and while brochure websites are still popular, these interactive websites are both affordable and practical, with little in the way of technical knowledge needed to maintain them.


Why Joomla?

We have extensive experience in this Open Source product, it has over 6000 plugins, and a massive variety of seed templates to customise for your needs. Simply put, there is no competition in the business market for this product. Joomla is designed for Rapid Development. This is where we shine, creating amazing websites that are mobile ready and completely cutting-edge. There is no mucking around. 

What's this "Mobile Ready" thing?

Do you have a smart phone, or a tablet? Have you seen how some sites look absolutely terrible, and some look great? A Mobile Ready (or in this case RESPONSIVE website) will operate no matter what device is viewing it. A responsive site RESPONDS to the device that is viewing. This website is a good example: try viewing it on your phone - works pretty well, yeah? So we build websites for clients that will work in all the devices, and make sure that you receive maximum benefit from your site visitors.  

Is it mine?

Yes, it is! Your Joomla website can be backed up into a single distributable file, and transported to a new web host with little fuss. If we develop for you, and you want a copy of your site for safekeeping, it's not a problem.

How much does it cost?

This is a tricky one. It's very common for people to expect Facebook features for a brochure price! Brochure websites can cost as little as $NZ500.00 (not including hosting costs), and we have built websites in the past worth well into 6 figures. Feature set is the key: deciding what you want FIRST will help us find a solution that suits your budget and your needs.

Exactly how good are you? Why should I choose you over other developers?

Actually, that's a pretty easy question to answer. We don't get stumped. We don't dodge hard work. And we're experts. We fix things for other developers all the time, and create custom solutions for anyone who needs them. We don't have clients who feel ripped off, or that their bills are padded. We do a quality job, and leave our clients feeling like they have made a good investment.

Feel free to browse our portfolio or contact our clients directly to discover how we can bring your business to the web in a professional, modern way!

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